Films (a selection):
2008 DV, 46 min, colour
promotional film for a four-week applied sustainability course
WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER  (Economic miracle)
2007, HDV/35mm, 17 min, colour
work and economics in the niederkaufungen commune
GUERRA ALLE PIETRE  (War on stones)
2003, DV/35mm, 11min, colour
between film and plastic arts
Festivals: Berlin Filmfestival 2003 (Competition),
Oberhausen 2003 (Comp.), Cannes – Next Generation 2003 ...
SCHATTENSPRECHEN  (Speak the shade)
1999, Beta SP, 30 min, colour
Angelopoulos, Keitel and Ganz read in Frankfurt/Oder.
LA MUSICA SIETE VOI, AMICI!  (You are the music, friends!)
1998, DigiBeta, 43 min, colour
Huillet/Straub during the making of the film SICILIA!
Festivals: Venezia 1999, Vienna 1999, Locarno 2001 ...
DER LETZTE VIETCONG  (The last vietcong)
1996, 16mm, 16 min, colour
short and violent: former contract workers as living dolls