Andreas Teuchert (*1970) grew up in Munich and has been shooting short films on Super-8, video and 16mm since the early eighties. He studied literature and history in Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Berlin, followed by film studies at the dffb in Berlin. 1998 two-month internship with Huillet/Straub during rehearsals for SICILIA! in Buti near Pisa/Italy. 2000-2001 assistant director and film research for "Black Box BRD" by Andres Veiel. Since 2005 he is researching for a film project about ecovillages and large intentional communities all over the world.
As one result he finished a filmscript in 2008 together with filmmaker Michael Würfel for a documentary feature.
Since 2000 he is living and periodically working together with musician and filmmaker Rahel Schweikert.
They have two children.
The main focus of his work lies currently on filmpromotion for non-profits. He is heavily involved in the Transition-Town-Movement ( .